Coolant leak, head gasket?

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Coolant leak, head gasket?

Postby Numbchux on Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:18 pm

Still driving my '89 XT6 every day through the winter. I think it's about 122k miles now, 4EAT. Crashed once or twice before I got it 10 years ago, and once since then.

I have a very slight coolant leak. Not enough to really see where it's coming from, but it's definitely loosing a quart of coolant a month, and smells like it every time I park it and get out (I don't smell it in the car, thank goodness).

It was worse earlier this winter, but I replaced the O-ring at the water pump (glad I've ditched the A/C, that makes that an easy job), and that helped immensely.

The only place I see a sign of leakage is some crustiness at the seam between the block and the head on the rear of the passenger side. I did some searching for head gasket posts on here, and they seem to be almost exclusively EA82-related. Is this at all common?

The last few years, I've just used this as an in-town winter-beater. Couple thousand miles a year, maybe. I would like to get something different as a winter beater, something with 4 doors (while I did get the car seat in the passenger seat of the XT6, it's not easy, and makes the car pretty well unusable for anything else), and maybe 2WD. At which point this could be a dedicated RallyX car.

I'm torn, throw some either Subaru or BlueDevil head gasket sealant in it, and drive it. Or pull it apart and fix it right (which we all know snowballs into something much bigger, I'm already thinking Delta cams....)
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Re: Coolant leak, head gasket?

Postby grossgary on Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:43 pm

I’ve seen an XT6 leak in the middle-ish of the rear passengers side head before as well. Very slow seapage that doesn’t progress much over time.

It’s not hard to do that side in the vehicle. Jack up that side and break out the air tools.

I’d be tempted to try the Subaru conditioner as well depending on circumstances, condition, future, etc.
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Re: Coolant leak, head gasket?

Postby Caboobaroo on Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:24 am

My XT6 had an external coolant leak at the driver side head gasket at 135k. I also diagnosed another XT6 with an external head gasket leak on the passenger side.

So not uncommon in my opinion.
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